Da Vinci’s Demons 2. Sezon 2. Bölüm izle

spartacus dizisini ekrana taşıyan starz ve bbc’nin katkılarıyla 8 bölümü çekilen ve nisan 2013′te yapıma girecek yeni dizi. dizinin yapımcısı, yönetmeni ve yazarı, the dark knight trilogy ve man of steels’in yazarı david s. goyer. dizinin müzikleri için battlestar galactica’daki müzikleri kompose eden bear mccreary ile anlaşıp çalışmalara başlamışlar bile.

david s. goyer’in ağzından dizinin nasıl olduğunu duymak isteyenler için: ” today, when many people imagine da vinci, they think of the old man depicted in his purported self-portrait. but he was so much more than that — a vibrant, athletic, and attractive man, by most accounts. possibly the greatest genius that ever lived. but also, a trickster, a remarkable rider and swordsman — a vegetarian in an age when that was unheard of. even more intriguing, there seem to be ‘missing years’ in da vinci’s life. periods where there are conflicting accounts as to his whereabouts. better yet, of the alleged 13,000 notebook pages authored by him, only about half of those are known to have survived.

so what happened in those missing years and missing pages? we know da vinci invented the helicopter, the machine gun, the tank, the diving suit — and many, many other remarkable devices. surely, in those missing pages, there were many other remarkable devices that have been lost to time, right?

in a nutshell, those hidden years and pages comprise the dna of the show. that’s what i pitched to starz and i’m grateful that they’ve indulged me on this crazy journey. i’ve been having the time of my life. there will be action, mystery, puzzles, conspiracies — huge, heaping chunks of joseph campbell mythology. it’s a big swing, but i think we’ve managed to pull it off.” Kaynak : Da Vinci’s Demons 2. Sezon 2. Bölüm izle

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